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Engineering Seats: UCHAIR

For a long time, the engineering seats of the port industry have suffered a lot of problems, such as uncomfortable sitting position, easy fatigue for operators for a long time working, the cushion/backrest of the seats easily to wear out and be damaged, high replacement cost and inconvenient maintenance etc. After a long time of research, in-depth design and development, Duida has developed the UCHAIR series engineering seats. After have been  in-depth optimization of ergonomic design, the UCHAIR engineering seats are more fit to the Asian’s body shape and sitting posture; The seat cushion/backrest is designed to be replaceable, which greatly reduces the replacement and maintenance cost for the ports. UCHAIR series engineering seats can not only provide more comfortable experience for operators, but also effectively improve the lifetime with more cost-effective.

​销售热线:020-82003712, 黄小姐

Type :    M812/11

​型号 : M812/11

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